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Research Chemical Russian Roulette

Recreational drug aficionados are probably aware that right at their fingertips there are a plethora of legal drugs that can be purchased in head shops and on the web. From stimulants to canniboids to hallucinogens to synthetic opiates and benzodiazapine analogues (plus myriad others) it seems the whole spectrum of pharmaceutical realms is made possible thanks to all those busy bees working in laboratories in China to come up with just the right blend for you. With names like 5-EAPB and AH-7921 these chemical concoctions are available for purchase twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (except on holidays).
And then there are the natural drugs that are legally available: kratom, an opiate-like drug that is a stimulant in low doses and a depressant in higher doses. Salvia, an extremely strong hallucinogen that can literally transport you from one sphere of consciousness to another with one hit, and blue lotus which is a flower that can be smoked or soaked in wine for sedative effects. The natural drugs are somewhat ‘safe’ depending on how you use them, yet the effects can vary. Salvia has the potential to be truly terrifying (and I tried a relatively ‘low’ dose) while kratom and blue lotus can be somewhat soothing.
The designer drug craze started in 2003 when basement chemists looking to make a fast buck started digging up old formulas that had been invented and abandoned when they were found to be too wonky. MDPV (methyldioxypyravalone) was a drug created in the 60’s for weight loss and chronic fatigue. It was quickly discovered that it was highly addictive, active at very low doses (making overdoses easy) and extremely bad for your heart, not to mention your psyche. This was the main ingredient in what were sold as ‘bath salts’. Its predecessor was mephedrone, which was sold as ‘plant food’. Both drugs are of the cathinone class and are vasoconstrictors that can cause tachardia and high blood pressure (much like cocaine and methamphetamine but considerably worse). When these were made illegal other compounds stepped up to take their place. MDPPP, A-PVP, Ethylphenidate and methiopropamine are just a few that are still available and unscheduled in most countries.
I would be a liar if I said I never tried some of these drugs, and I can attest that they are similar to meth and coke; they are dopamine reuptake inhibitors, meaning they make you feel good as hell. Euphoric, stimulated…the whole package. But they are incredibly dodgy at best, and some of the side effects are extraordinarily scary to say the least. My experiments with MDPV bath salts were mostly controlled, but I have to admit it was a drug that could quickly get on top of you if you didn’t watch what you were doing and maintained a proper dosage. Too much and your heart beat like a runaway train as you paced and prayed, hopping to make it out the other side without a visit to the emergency room (been there, done that, got the t-shirt). I also tried MDPPP and found it was more user friendly, but some of the side effects were nasty; vomiting yellow fluid, painful headaches and fevers accompanied by insomnia and extreme sleep twitches were just a few.
The hallucinogens don’t fair any better; some of them are active at such low doses that users unwittingly take too much and experience trips that last twelve to twenty-four hours, sometimes longer. Long-term psychosis is a very real threat from some of these chemicals, and emergency rooms are being flooded with more and more overdoses each year.
The canniboids are the worst of the bunch. They increase your heart rate more so than a number of the stimulants and have been found to cause permanent brain damage in some users. Seriously. Look it up. Right now I can go to my local head shop and buy any number of varieties of these chemicals. They are very popular because they bypass drug tests and they mimic the properties of their illegal counterparts.
If you must experiment at least do some research. I was in possession of the MDPV for eight months before I finally tried it, reading everything I could online about it before I took the plunge. Even then I knew it was stupid but what the hell, I was curious. After using it seven times I threw out the remainder, and I had enough on hand to get a whole Marine base high that I’d purchased for $40.
Fortunately the American government is coming to their senses and allowing limited legality of marijuana, one of the most innocuous of drugs comparatively to stimulants and opiates. Don’t get me wrong, weed is a strong drug (especially the genetically engineered plants for medical use; some varieties will truly fuck you up son) and kids shouldn’t use it but it is much safer than everything else that’s out there, alcohol included all you flag-waving, bourbon-drinking sons a bitches (although I do like my booze).
If you can’t find cocaine, methamphetamine or heroin and the desire to get high overwhelms you there are substances out there you can buy to get the same effect. But just be smart and be safe. Your life depends on it.


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