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Is Legal Marijuana Dangerous? Let’s Ask The Kids!

Okay, we have officially become the stupidest nation in the world, or so the media would have us believe. Because I, for one, cannot believe that the kids in the United States think that simply because marijuana is becoming legal in increasingly more states and has been approved for recreational use that it is not dangerous.
Why do I make such an audacious claim? For the reason that that is what many recent articles in print news and on the web are stating: that kids in the United States have been polled and they believe that marijuana isn’t dangerous simply because it is ‘legal’ (parenthesis because that is mostly for medical purposes). I can’t believe kids would be that stupid, because if the children are our future than it ain’t looking very bright. We also have to remember that these kids are buying and using drugs they purchase off the Internet sold as ‘legal highs’. These are the same kids that are smoking synthetic marijuana and snorting chemicals that are approximating cocaine and methamphetamine but are light years more dangerous. So another question is (if the kids truly do believe that marijuana isn’t dangerous) do we trust their opinion? Doesn’t sound like we should, based on all the other drugs they’re doing.
Now, flip that coin and think of all these legal highs, the heroin scourge that is plaguing the United States (not to mention the meth problem) and suddenly marijuana doesn’t seem all that dangerous after all, does it? Maybe these kids are on to (not just on) something. Comparatively a little pot doesn’t seem all that bad if you are prepping a syringe to shoot heroin or meth or cocaine or research chemicals. What would you rather have your kids do, smoke a little pot or snort some chemical they have no idea is yet can be bought from a website for twenty dollars? Do you even need to think of an answer to that? Do you?
We all know the inherent dangers of everything, don’t we? Cheeseburgers will give you bad cholesterol and potentially make you fat…if you eat to many of them. Alcohol will shut down your liver, give you high blood pressure and increase your belly size…if you drink too much. Marijuana will make your reaction time slower, will impair your ability to drive and will seriously put a hurtin’ on the Twinkies in your home at any given time…if you smoke too much. Cigarettes…don’t even get me started on cigarettes.
So, the question remains: do kids really think that marijuana isn’t dangerous simply because it is becoming increasingly legal? Let’s ask them if they think cigarettes are dangerous, or booze or cheeseburgers or Viagra. I’d like to hear what they have to say.
Or maybe the media against the legalization of marijuana (sponsored by the tobacco and alcohol companies no doubt) should do a little more research instead of shouting ‘Fire’ in a crowded theatre during a first run showing of the latest Transformer’s movie because I, for one, still refuse to believe that kids are that fucking stupid. Period.


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